4 Tips To Run A Successful Client Appreciation Event

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Hosting an event for potential clients and current clients alike will require you to pay a lot of attention to detail when you are planning it out. A one on one lunch is much different than hosting a catered event that is going to host an entire group.

You can host your party in your office if that is allowed, or you could rent out a conference room at a local hotel. Generally, this will not be that expensive for just a day of use. Either way, make sure you choose a Toronto catering company that will deliver and set food up at the location you choose.


1. Invitations
The quality of your invitations should not be overlooked. It is your chance at making a good first impression. If you have the time you should hand write each invitation and deliver them to each person that is invited. This personalization will impress any potential guests and peak their interest in your event. If you are going to send an electronic invite, check out Evite


2. Staff

The staff is the key to success at a catered event. This is especially true when there are a lot of guests. It can be hard for one host to manage an entire group of individuals. Having staff there to help you serve food and make drinks for people will take a lot of the load off of your back.


3. Food Stations

Instead of offering up your food all in one spot on a straight table, you can set up different stations. This is a great way to break a party off into groups which encourages socializing and mingling. Event planners work hard to make sure guests at events network with each other and have a good time.
By separating different foods, guests will be forced to wander from table to table rather than standing in the same spot. This will also get rid of the ever-so-generic “line” that forms at a buffet table. When there is a line like this, socializing nearly never happens.


4. Follow Up With Your Clients

Following up with your prospects and guests will lock in positive feelings they were having after attending your event. A simple email thank you note will separate you from a majority of people who would not take the time to write personalized thank you notes. You could even go the extra mile and write each note by hand. Check out this site to learn how to correctly follow up.


A full service catering company will handle all of this for you. A great way to impress your potential clients is by providing delicious meal options and good service.