5 Things To Remember While You Choose Your Permanent Toronto Office Caterer

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When you are looking for constant daily catering for your office, there are a lot of things that need to be considered that will not be applicable to catering for special occasions. A permanent service provider should have the consistency of quality of food. There is also the question of timing and additional services they are willing to provide. Going through a thorough check before you go for the project is in your best interests.

Know the catering services available to you

Though selecting a dedicated catering service may seem to be an uphill task, the following points can help you make a well-informed decision and keep your colleagues and yourself well fed:

  • Understand the full suite of services your Toronto caterer is willing to provide and get the rates for each service as well as any minimum order quantities. Be clear in communication and ask for a written quotation that lists the costs. Ensure that there are no untouched areas that can emerge as hidden costs later on. Understand whether the food will be delivered to your address on a regular basis or the company will have to visit the caterer for certain meals.
  • Ask all your employees to mention all the foods they are allergic to or do not consume for personal or religious reasons. For example, there may be vegans in the team who will not entertain meat as their food. There may be people who are allergic to certain foods, i.e. peanuts. While you approach Toronto office catering, understand the ingredients and methods that are used to prepare food. Mention any restrictions and avoid the incidents of allergy. Ask the caterers to provide you with a list of ingredients that are majorly used. Understand the menu and weekly variations.
  • Go for a food sampling session before you zero down to one of the caterers. Some of the caterers have a free sampling session while others go for a paid version. In both cases choose to go for the tasting session because it’s important that you enjoy the food before you sign a contract for a term with this catering company. The process will ensure that you are hiring a quality service, and your expenditure has not gone in vain.
  • Ask them regarding the way they will present the food and if there are any additional charges for it. Make sure the food is hot when the company doing your office catering Toronto serves it. This is of importance, especially when they are transporting food to your place. Learn how they will dispose of with the leftovers. You can ask the employees to bring their lunch boxes to carry food home, or the catering company can take care of that. Typically, leftover edible food is donated to local food banks or shelters.
  • Ensure your business’ insurance policy will agree with the regular feeding of employees, should any issues ever arise. Also ensure that the catering company providing you food services is reputable, to mitigate the likeliness of an issue. catering staff can be covered

Hygiene with quality

Apart from these basic facts ask them whether they can serve during corporate events or not. Verify their services by taking a quick referral from reliable sources. Ensure that the firm has the valid license. The best services will consistently provide high-quality food and maintain the optimum hygiene standards. Stay clear on the terms of business and treat it as any significant business partnership that is based on trust.

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