5 Tips To Consider For Catering Your Summer Wedding

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Weddings are very special and are one of the most significant events in a person’s life. Naturally, the food is one of the most highlighted components of your wedding, and you will be anxious till the last moment to make sure everything was as great as it could be. A perfect summer marriage ceremony and reception are something that everyone will be expecting. Selecting a tasty menu and the right caterer can be a challenging task but a planned approach will help you out quite a bit.

Be food ready

Start with research and make a list of viable options. Go for recommendations from friends and family, but also search the internet for foods that are popular which you may want to try. After the list is made, go through the following 5 tips to choose the best catering company for you:

  • Understand the specialization of the caterers you are considering. Each company has its strong points when it comes to cuisines. Match it with your conception and move forward. Gather information about the ingredients used. Many of them go for fresh food and local flavors. Some of them have knowledge of pairing their foods with wines from across the world. Understand the ingredients and the procedure of cooking.
  • Once at this point, understand your budget and compare it with the services provided. A good Toronto catering company will provide you the systematic breakdown of all the prices. Ensure that there are no hidden costs by getting a segregated list that has the cost per service option. Check the availability of the caterer and ask them if there are any potential events they are doing that may clash with yours.
  • Understand the extent to which your caterer will be in charge of the entire procedure. An ideal caterer will suggest the best rentals for your wedding and suggest the venue for the summer reception. Some of them coordinate the event by making the guests comfortable, helping with the cake cutting and many more personalized services. Find out what other personalized services the caterer offers, if you’re interested in using them. Ensure everything is clear and specific.
  • Go for a food tasting after you have selected the menu. Ideally, your catering Toronto professionals will provide you with a free session. Ensure that you have ample time in case you want to change your mind after the session and need another tasting.
  • Know whether the caterers will arrange the tables and provide wait staff. Ask them the number of staff required for the given guest number. Wait staff will typically be an additional charge, however clarify whether the staff will be provided by the caterers or the venue. The caterer will likely charge less for staff, but verify that the venue will allow that. Also, ask them if they will entertain a family recipe while they serve food, if you have one to offer. Check the place where the food will be prepared and check the hygiene standards.

These checks will ensure that the planning process of your beautiful summer wedding is smooth and hassle-free. The trick is to adopt a systematic approach and keep your options open in case there are last minute changes.