A brief checklist for planning a wedding

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Those who are planning a wedding will definitely want to have a checklist so as not to forget anything important. There are a ton of things that need to be done when planning a wedding, so you will have to make sure that you cover all of your bases. The more thorough you are in planning your wedding, the better it will ultimately be for everyone involved.

Caterer: The caterer you choose for your wedding will be very important, because you will need to know that you have chosen the right one to serve all of your guests dinner. Because there are so many different caterers to choose from, you will need to find one with lots of experience.

Venue: The place that you have your wedding/reception will also be important, so you will therefore need to spend some time visiting different venues in the area until you have found one that you would like to get married in.

Create a budget: It is important that you know how much money you can afford to spend on your wedding, because they can get very expensive. Take the time to write out how much you can spend on everything, from the caterer to the flowers.

Invitations: You will need to send wedding invitations out well before the day of your wedding so everyone will have a chance to RSVP. The invitations you send out don’t have to be fancy, but it is something you will need to get done at some point.

Flowers: One small but important detail is the type of flowers you are going to have at your wedding. While this may not seem important, the ambiance of your wedding will determine just how good of a time you and all of your guests will have.