Boost Productivity with Catered Business Meetings

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One of the best parts of hooking up with your Toronto caterers to cater a long business meeting is that the catering chef can work with you to line the menu up with the purpose of the meeting. For example, if you’re looking to go after a certain new sales territory, you can use foods from that area or country as part of your menus. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to choosing food for a catered meeting, so be sure to have some fun with it.


While taking the staff out of the office and to a fancy offsite venue might seem like the best idea, it actually has its ups and downs. While you do get workers out of their office and comfort zone, a new venue can be distracting and not allow for the best productivity. Give this some thought and perhaps discuss it with your Toronto caterer if you’re short on ideas.


Be sure to check in with everyone who’s attending the meeting to get a good idea of any food allergies or sensitivities that people may have. If you don’t know or aren’t able to find this information out, check with your Toronto catering contact for advice. Caterers are professionals who know a great deal about people and food, and it’s likely that your Toronto caterer will be able to make suggestions for you about how many vegetarian meals to have on hand, whether or not to use dairy, and more. Also, most people who have serious food allergies are aware of them, and will make note of this ahead of time to avoid any health issues from occurring.


Many people think that calling up a Toronto catering company to prepare food for a business meeting will be an expensive affair, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Catering for an all-day business meeting, including a morning coffee break, lunch and an afternoon break can be done on a very reasonable budget, provided one doesn’t go all-out with the food selection.


In short, having your Toronto caterer handle the meals and breaks for your business meetings is an excellent idea. Catered meetings allow for the ‘working lunch’ and prevent those in the meeting from leaving the building to head out to a restaurant. Don’t forget to go easy on the foods that play havoc with breath and digestion, as you want everyone alert for a productive afternoon!

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