Christmas Is Closer Than You Think!

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We just finished setting up a Christmas party for one of our clients and it just made us realize that Christmas is only 3 months away. That means if you are catering your Toronto Christmas event, you should start thinking about what you will be doing. Believe us when we say venues book up really quick, Toronto caterers get really busy and the best dates go first. It is not early at all to begin the Christmas party process as we stress to all of our clients and partners – book early and avoid disappointment.


Toronto has an array of wonderful venues that fit in a wide range of pricing. First off, figure out what your budget is and if you are going to do the party in-house or at a chic venue somewhere. Some venues will not allow you to bring in an outside Toronto caterer, so be weary of this. While some venues have fantastic menus and kitchen staff, others do not and we can tell you this by experience. These days, some of the more higher end venues don’t mind if you have an outside caterer bring in the food as long as you pay a landmark fee – e.g. you will need to pay an additional 10% on top of your catering bill directly to the venue – don’t fret though, even after adding this amount in, many people still prefer an outside caterer.


How to get started planning your Toronto Christmas Party:


1. Budget – Try to get at least a rough budget per head

2. Venue – In-house or outside venue, think about what was done last year and change it up, people get bored quickly of the same old

3. Caterer – Pick some one who has worked with a variety of companies so they have the experience to bring you the perfect menus and food

4. Bar – Of course you will need some wine and drinks, we suggest that you provide all of your staff with taxi chits so they can get home safely if they are drinking

5. Rentals – Linens, tables, chairs, glasses, china, cutlery the list goes on

6. Staff – Serving staff to keep the food moving and the tables clean and bar staff to keep the drinks flowing will definitely be needed.


Cheers to your next successful event!