Ideas for Catering Childrens Events

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One of the great parts of growing up is having parties and get-togethers to go to where you can meet and play with other kids. While parents usually supply the food at most of these occasions, an interesting way to spice things up is to hire a Toronto catering company instead. By having catering for the event, you can lower the amount of time you have to spend preparing and cooking while increasing the amount of time you get to spend with the kids. Because most people don’t think to get catering for most events for children, we’re going to give you some ideas to help get you started if you decide that this is something you might be interested in.

Birthday Parties

The most common type of party that children go to is probably a birthday party. Birthday parties usually require a full meal since a substantial amount of time is spent by the kids socializing and playing with other children. To get the best value for your money, ask some of the companies that are catering Toronto what kinds of things they offer for children’s events. You don’t want to end up with something too formal and stiff at a kid’s birthday party, so have a good idea of the type of menu that you want ahead of time.


Sleepovers have been a popular way to get kids together over the past few decades, and they will probably continue to be popular as time goes on. You can make your next sleepover awesome by hiring a Toronto catering company to do something special just for the kids. While hiring a full service caterer might work for certain people, it’s not very practical because of the informal nature of a sleepover. Instead, look for Toronto caterers that can prepare special types of snacks and treats for the kids. In what follows, we’re going to look at some of the different kinds of treats that you can offer at your sleepover or other children’s occasion.

Custom Cakes

Many other types of gatherings and parties for children are centered around specific holidays or times of year. If you have a Halloween party, for instance, you might get a business that is catering Toronto to make a special Halloween cake that has a scary theme. A white mix would offer a great base for a cake based on a ghost them, while black and orange mixes in various flavors are also available. The key to getting cakes that will be a big hit with the kids is to avoid being boring and plain. Cool designs and novel shapes are two of the easiest ways to appeal to children when it comes to food, so remember that when picking out a cake for your occasion.

Other Special Treats

Aside from cakes, there are other types of snacks and refreshments that you can serve to make your child’s occasion awesome. An easy way to figure out cool things to serve for kids is to talk with Toronto caterers who are very enthusiastic about baking and desserts. There are tons of awesome things that experienced catering companies can do with something as simple as chocolate chip cookies, so be sure to stay open-minded when the caterers you speak with are offering suggestions. While what they have to offer may sound too basic to get a good reaction, all good things in catering need a solid foundation. So if chocolate chip cookies as a foundation sounds boring, you have to remember that your Toronto caterers will put a great twist on them that will make them memorable.

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