Throw a Cooking Class Party in Your Own Kitchen with a Toronto Caterer

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One of the most popular social events in the past couple of years has been to throw a cooking class in your own home, with friends and family invited to learn some new cooking skills. This is a very easy event to plan; by simply inviting everyone over for a dinner party and calling up someone to lead the class, the event pretty much runs itself. Let’s take a look at how you can throw a cooking class party in your own home easily, and have a lot of fun.


You’re going to need someone to teach the cooking class – and this is best done by a catering professional with loads of experience. Try a quick search through your friend network, perhaps via a post on Facebook, to see if anyone knows a Toronto caterer that they have worked with in the past. Otherwise, call up a few Toronto caterers to see who would want to teach the class. Many caterers look at events like this as good advertising, so it’s likely you won’t have a lot of trouble.


It’s important that you check with your Toronto caterer who will be doing the cooking class to ensure that your kitchen is stocked with everything that they won’t be bringing. There’s always something missing at events like this, whether it’s the host running out of certain spices or just not having the right amount of cooking utensils. By taking a few minutes to run through everything with the Toronto caterer ahead of time, one can ensure that nothing gets missed.


Before you call to book your caterer, try to think up some food options that you’d like to learn how to cook. If the party isn’t much of a secret, you can ask the guests the same question and gather up responses to pass along to the Toronto caterer that is going to teach everyone. You’ll need to have at least a few menu items in mind so that the proper food can be purchased and the caterer knows what they will be teaching.


Hosting a cooking class in your home kitchen, taught by a Toronto caterer, is a fantastic event that will have your guests talking about it for months! Everyone will head home with new culinary skills that will transfer to great meals for their families. Try this event the next time you’re stuck for something fun to do!