You’ve found your Toronto Caterer, what about everything else?

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Pulling an event together usually means ordering not only catering, but also arranging for serving/wait/bar staff, deciding on rentals such as tables, chairs and catering equipment and possibly also decorations and audio visual equipment.

Lets quickly go through some of these items:

1. Serving/Wait/Bar Staff

At most events, you do not want to be the one running around serving and cleaning, nor do you want your guests to be helping you with us. Hire staff from a reputable company so you know that they will show up. Make sure they have liability insurance. Ask that the staff all come in the same colour, e.g. black shirts, pants and shoes and are clean and nicely groomed. The above points should be automatic with any reputable staffing company, it is not something you should worry about, but just some things to note. Expect to pay $25+/hour for staff depending on the type of staff you need.

2. Event Rentals

Many venues you may have everything available to you however we have also been to venues where every thing has to be rented. Work with an experienced company here, they will help highlight all the things you may have overlooked when compiling a list of rentals you need – plates, cutlery, glassware, cups and note all of these have different sizes that you may require such as an appetizer plate and than a meal plate. Chaffing dishes to keep food warm, linens for the tables…the list goes on.

3. Audio/Visual Equipment

Again, work with a professional. They will know how many speakers your room size needs and the best way to position them. They will help provide the look you are going for with different forms of lighting. Podiums, microphones, disco balls and many items can help enhance your event.

We are a full service Toronto Catering company so if you require any of the above noted services at your next event, feel free to speak with one of our account managers. Although we do not provide these services directly ourselves, we have partnered with some of the best in the industry  and allow you to be your one point of contact.