All prices per guest, based on minimum 15 guests. Custom options available for smaller groups, prices may vary.

All paper/plastic disposables and serving utensils included. We accommodate dietary restrictions.

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Pasta Entrées | Chicken Entrées | Beef Entrées | Sides | Beverages

International Options – Greek/Italian/Middle Eastern/Indian/Thai

Pasta Entrées
All pasta entrées are served with garlic bread or dinner rolls with butter & becel.
Bowtie Pasta Primavera – $13.95
  • With olives, red & green peppers, tossed in a light parmesan cream sauce
  • Add chicken for $3.95/per guest
Penne Pasta – $13.95
  • With broccoli flowerets & button mushrooms, sautéed in virgin olive oil & sun dried tomatoes
  • Add chicken for $3.95/per guest
Veal Cannelloni – $18.95
  • In our homemade Arrabiata sauce
Homemade Beef or Vegetarian Lasagna – $16.95
  • Made the traditional way with our special three cheese blend. Available in portions of 9 or 18
Fettuccini Alfredo – $14.95
  • Fettuccini & artichokes in a rich, herbed alfredo sauce
  • Add chicken for $3.95/per guest
Three Colour Cheese Tortellini – $13.95
  • Served in a zesty marinara sauce
  • Add chicken for $3.95/per guest
Add cookies & dessert squares plus a drink (pop/water) for only $3.95/guest.

Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta Chicken Breast Roast Beef

Chicken Entrées
All chicken entrées are served with your choice of rice pilaf or potatoes, a medley of seasonal vegetables & fresh rolls with butter & becel.
Roasted Chicken Leg Quarters – $12.95
  • Marinated and slow roasted with our in-house blend of spices
Chicken Florentine – $19.95
  • Breast of chicken stuffed with spinach & mozzarella cheese served in a light cream sauce
Chicken a l’Orange – $19.95
  • Boneless chicken breast marinated, pan seared & topped with a tangy orange sauce
Mayflower Chicken Breast – $20.95
  • Stuffed with our herbed breaded stuffing & topped with a creamy bell pepper sauce
Kafta Chicken Feta/Spinach – $16.95
  • Marinated chicken kaftas with spinach and feta cheese, served with tzatziki sauce
Chicken Kabob – $19.95
  • Tender chunks of marinated chicken, grilled to perfection
Add cookies & dessert squares plus a drink (pop/water) for only $3.95/guest.

Beef Entrées
All beef entrées are served with your choice of rice pilaf or potatoes, a medley of seasonal vegetables & fresh rolls with butter & becel.
Roast Beef – $22.95
  • Slow roasted beef slices served with sautéed onions & mushrooms in a delicious gravy
Curry Beef – $22.95
  • Braised beef medallions simmered in a light curry sauce
Beef Tenders – $22.95
  • Braised in a burgundy, cracked pepper & shallot sauce
Shepherd’s Pie – $21.95
  • Layered casserole of ground beef, vegetables & mashed potatoes, served with beef gravy
Add cookies & dessert squares plus a drink (pop/water) for only $3.95/guest.


Rice Choices Potato Choices Vegetable Choices

Side Selections
Rice Choices
  • Mixed vegetable pilaf
  • Spanish rice
  • Rice pilaf
  • Mushroom rice
  • Oriental fried white rice
  • Basmati rice
Potato Choices
  • Herb roasted
  • Greek roasted (lemon, oregano, olive oil)
  • Herbed red skin potatoes with garlic butter
  • Parisienne potatoes with paprika
  • Scalloped potatoes
  • Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
  • Baked potato
  • Sweet potatoes
Vegetable Choices
  • Sautéed button mushrooms
  • Fresh vegetable medley – Cauliflower, broccoli, red & green peppers, carrots
  • Seasonal marinated roasted vegetables – Eggplant, zucchini, red & green peppers, onions
  • Honey glazed carrots

Coffee or Tea Service – $29.95
  • 12 cups in disposable jugs
  • Milk, cream, sugar, cups, stir sticks on the side
Canned Soft Drinks – $1.75
  • Assorted selection of 355mL cans (Coke, Sprite, Gingerale, etc.)
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice – $5.95
  • Individual 500mL bottles of unpasteurized freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 1L & 2L jugs available
Pure Florida Orange Juice – $2.95
  • Individual 236mL carton of Tropicana or similar
Healthy Beverage Assortment – $3.95
  • Vitamin water, coconut water
Assorted Juice Blend Bottles – $1.75
  • Orange, apple, cranberry, grape
Bottled Sparkling Water – $2.75
  • 300mL bottles (Perrier or similar)
Bottled Spring Water – $1.75
  • 500mL bottles (Nestle or similar)

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